How to group set of panels

Is there a way to group table panels into groups?
I have some table panels in my graph and I want to group some of them together.
In the documentation there is only a way to group shapes or links.
Is there any way doing it?

Are you really talking about “Table” Panels? A Group will only group Parts such as Nodes and Links. Not Shapes. But if you can already see those “Table” Panels, they must be in Nodes already, so yes you could add those Nodes to a Group.

Normally that is done in the model by setting the node’s property to refer to the key of the intended group data. Alternatively you can set Node.containingGroup to refer to the Group, or you can call Group.addMembers.

Remember to make all changes within a single transaction.

Below is the code I use for creating the diagram.
I want to insert this into groups.
Can I do it?

    routeDiagram.nodeTemplate =
      $(go.Node, "Auto",
        { isShadowed: true },
        // define the node's outer shape, which will surround the TextBlock
        $(go.Shape, "RoundedRectangle",
              fill: greengrad,
              stroke: "black",
              portId: "",
              fromLinkable: false,
              toLinkable: false,
              toEndSegmentLength: 50,
              fromEndSegmentLength: 40
            $(go.Panel, "Table",
                { margin: 6, maxSize: new go.Size(200, NaN) },
                $(go.RowColumnDefinition, { column: 0, stretch: go.GraphObject.Horizontal, alignment: go.Spot.Left }),
                // The name
                $(go.TextBlock, { row: 0, column: 0, maxSize: new go.Size(160, NaN), margin: 4, font: "500 16px Arial", alignment: go.Spot.Top }, new go.Binding("text", "", getTitleTextConverter)),
                // The info
                $(go.TextBlock, { row: 1, column: 0, columnSpan: 2,font: "12px Roboto, sans-serif", editable: false }, new go.Binding("text", "", getInfoTextConverter))

Yes, through any of the techniques I just described.