How to implement a clickcreateeditorlabeltool?


i want a ClickCreateEditBoxTool
when i set Diagram.CurrentTool=ClickCreateEditBoxTool
then create a EditBox and focus to edit.
then when the editBox unfocused,it appear a TextBlock with a SportPanel Adronment also can moved.
so,how can i implement this tool???
thank you!!

That’s what the TextEditingTool is for.

Could you be more specific about what it doesn’t do that you want it to do?

i want to move the label.

and there is no any TextBlock to be click.
also i want to General a TextEditor when i click a Image, a Rectangle or any UIElement but only TextBlock!

If I recall correctly, the StateChart sample demonstrates having users move the labels on links.

I haven’t tried this, but you could implement a click event handler that added a TextBlock and then started the TextEditingTool on it.