How to Increase Picture Image Size GoJS

I am using, If i drag in max 40000 width and 144 height ,but i can’t get full image in the Gojs Picture ,its coming but not in fully.How to Get all image ,Thanks Advance.

What “page” size are you using?
In what manner are the resulting images incomplete?

Depends on diagram ,i need to get diagram width and height now i can get the image ,but the image quality its not good its coming with blur ,Even i tried scale 0.5 ,1,1.5 but its coming ugly image…could you tell me .How to get correct resolution of the Diagram Thanks Advance.

img= this.myDiagram.makeImage({
scale: 0.5,
type: “image/jpeg”,
background: “white”,
position: new go.Point(p.x + j, p.y + i),
// size: new go.Size(imgWidth, imgHeight)
maxSize: new go.Size(imgWidth, imgHeight)
I tried jpeg,svg,png same output i am getting