How to increase thickness of only one link in full diagram

Dear Friends,

i have a diagram with nodes and subnodes in both left and right sides. I want to make only one left side link (line) little thick than all other links. Pls help me to get this done.

Thanks and Regards,
Syed Abdul Rahim

How are you going to identify which link you want to appear differently?

If you can set a property on the specific link data object, you could just have a Binding on the Link’s path Shape.

Thaks i will try and tell u…

.whatever iam working in this gojs it opening in chrome… but not openign in ie11. Pls help me what should i do?

There are lots of ways your code might not work in IE11. I recommend that you debug it there – usually the problem is a syntax error where you are using some feature of ES6 that IE11 does not support.

For example, you cannot use let, const, =>, or trailing commas in literal Arrays and Objects.

Dear Mr.Walter,

After drawing created, user will double click each node and enter some data in the popup. As per that pop up, if the user mentioned change of thickness of the link, I have to change. As per user input I have to change the link thickness.

Please note that already I added and binded strokeWidth:2 but if the user wants to change a particular link thickness they will click and change the data.

Pls help me to find a particular link and change the thickness.

Thanks and Regards,
Syed Abdul Rahim

Is that Link you care about connected with the Node whose properties the user is editing? If so, the Link will be in the Node.linksConnected collection.

Once you identify the particular Link, you can either modify its Link.path transiently, or call Model.set to change the persistently and affect the path’s appearance via a Binding.