How to indent node to align with some Nodes


This is what I currently have and what I want. As seen I will like to align D Node with C Node and indent D Node.
The left image is what I want and right image is what my UI currently shows.


If you are using LayeredDigraphLayout, you could try setting LayeredDigraphLayout.layeringOption to different values to see if you get what you want.

Thanks Walter.
I am using TreeLayout. Per my other thread yesterday, Latered doesn’t support custom sorting and so I reverted to TreeLayout.

Can we indent/align nodes when using TreeLayout ?


Well, that’s not a tree-structure, so I’m not surprised that it didn’t do what you wanted.

Maybe where there are multiple Links coming into a node (thereby making it not tree-structured) you could mark all but one of those Links as not Link.isTreeLink.

I believe that will work in this particular case, but I’m not sure that it will work in all of them.