How to make my reshapedlinks persistable?


I am creating 2 handles for a JGolink.On Selecting that link,those 2 resizing handles will be enabled and by using handles I am able to reshape the link.
I want to make the reshaped JGolinks persistable,so that in the next login,there is no need of reshaping the links again.
How to persist the shape of the link in my local machine and retrieve the same while reloging?
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I guess you just need to save/load the Points of the link (i.e. JGoStroke). You can use JGoStroke.copyPoints and JGoStroke.setPoints for that.
Remember that when you set either port of a JGoLink, or whenever either port is modified (particularly when a ports moves!), JGoLink.calculateStroke is called to re-determine the Points of the stroke. Obviously you don’t want that to happen after you restore the points from your database, so you’ll want to make sure you call JGoStroke.setPoints after you have reconnected the link to its ports and restored any other properties of either the link or either connected node and port.


I am not getting.
Can U explain indetail?


How are you persisting the rest of the diagram? You just need to save a list of Points with each link.