How to make visio's Ehternet shape?

I’m trying to implement visio’s Ethernet shape in GoXam.
but I have no idea.
the problem is I can’t implenet that have many in/out link with arbitray location like VISIO Ethernet shape.


my target diagram is


There isn’t an easy declarative way to get what you want at the moment. It’s on the list of future features.

But you can get that result programmatically or manually (interactively).

[Edited: better code is available in the Network sample, described below.]

Thanks for your answer.
but I’m a newbie. I didn’t get it how to use user code.

Did you want this routing to happen all the time?
If so, perhaps what you want to do is to subclass Route to override the ComputePoints method to do determine the desired end point at an “ethernet” node, rather than just setting to ToSpot or FromSpot. That’s a bit more complicated; perhaps I’ll get a chance to try it later this week.

Here’s the code:

The result:

The .XAML/.CS files are for WPF, but should work with Silverlight 4.

Thank you walter.
It’s work with silverlight 4 and It’s perfect.
Now I’m gonna coordinate with other draggable nodes.Smile