How to move objects in Node_Link_Demo application

Hello Support!

I have situation in my project based on SwinLanes demo in Node_Link_Demo application

I would like to know how to move for example “Lane 1” object with all childrens “Lane 1 #1” and “Lane 1 #2” , and not just “Lane 1 #1” or “Lane 1 #2

Is it possible? How ?


I’m not sure I follow the question entirely, but look at GoObject property DragsNode.

But I would like to know how to Up/Down Lane 1, Lane 2 with object childs, and not just move Lane childrens as demo example.

Is it possible? How to do it? I did in my example… with a Lane and inside it a lot of Objects ( I dragged objects inside Lane ) … And Just Lane moved…