How to only bold text for second level parent in mind map (programmatically)

In regards to the nodes in mind map diagram, is it possible to bold the textBlock for specific parent level.

For example, can I edit the code so it bolds the Time wasting node and/or others on the same level.

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Sure. What have you tried? I assume you started by looking at the implementation of the context menu commands.

Yep been looking at it, just trying to figure out where and how can I call it by passing in the specific parent nodes.

Use the methods on the Node class,, to find the tree parent and then the parent’s children.

Thanks for pointing in the right direction, but I cant get it to work.

I am able to find the treeNode and its child, but when I call the toogleTextWeight function on them, it fails to identify the node (adorn.adornedPart).

Nevermind, I got it working by just taking the main part of toggleTextWeight function and incorporating in my function.

Thanks for quick responses, definitely helped.