How to reroute only the links involved in nodes being moved?

We like the way AvoidsNodes routing works on initial links, relinked links and links attached to nodes being moved, but want to disable it for links that are not attached to a node being moved. Eg, once a link has been routed between two nodes, it should not change – the only way to change it should be by manually reattaching it or moving one of the nodes it is attached to.

What is the most straightforward way of accomplishing that?

Thank you.

I’m sorry, but I cannot think of an easy way to implement such behavior. I think you’re the first person to ask for such non-behavior.

The only solution I can think of is to leave Link.routing as go.Link.Orthogonal by default, and just turn it on for those Links connected with dragged nodes when dragging or after reconnecting (the “LinkRelinked” DiagamEvent).