How to rotate Block

I have some inquiry about rotating Object in GoView.

Let say i have:

public class Block1: GogeneralNode
public Block1()

        this.Orientation = Orientation.Horizontal;
        Initialize(null, "", "Block1", "1", 0, 1);
        this.MinimumIconSize = new SizeF(50, 50);

//some code to overwrite…

Then when i call this class in goview, it appear as a rectangle with OutPort on the right.

Without changing the port properties, Is there any options that i can rotate the object in goview? So that i can have OutPort either left or top.


Orientation.Vertical on GoGeneralNode will put input ports on the top and output ports on the bottom.

Ok…that work…but how to rotate from outport right to left?

You’d have to set the properties on the ports.