How to save the resized GoNode?

Help Please: I can resize the derived class diagram from GoNode and see the effect, but when I save and restore its bounds, it does not show as expected. How can I save and show the resized GoNode properly? Thanks for any suggestion.

Are you using GoXml to save/restore? Can you post a copy of your saved data?

Thanks for your reply,Jake

I use GoXmlBindingTransformer to save and restore the properties.
Here is a sample
Any suggestion?

Well, you have (width, height), bounds and size, but I bet you added all those trying to fix this. you shouldn’t need more than one.

Look through the other node properties you set in the 2 places you create your nodes (one is in the main line code where actually add a node to the GoDocument, and the other in your XML code). Do you set any properties in your main line that either isn’t in the XML prototype node or saved in XML? (for example Resizable?)

Next, look at the Trace output in the debugger during a restore. See if there are any warning there.