How to set edit box size in GoText

I found that the edit box is always larger than the GoText.Bounds, especially in the vertical direction.
How can I set the size of the edit box to the same size as the GoText object? And if possbile, how can I set the relative position of the edit box in the GoText object? For example, I want to the edit box be 1 pixel offset from the top left corner of the GoText.



That’s basically controlled by the implementation of GoText.CreateEditor. You could override it and call the base method, adjusting the size of the returned GoControl.
Caution: depending on the GoText.EditorStyle, different kinds of GoControls/Controls could be created, which need different amounts of room to operate “reasonably”. Some of the GoText properties naturally affect the controls too, such as whether GoText.Multiline or Wrapping are true.

Thanks. solved.