How to set Tab Index in Nodes for JGO document

I used JGo java lib to create diagram with nodes.

I need to use this diagram for blind users. As blind users can access through tab, how to set the tabindex and text for blind users in each nodes in JGo diagram.
Thanks in Advance,

JGo doesn’t have any built-in tab index, but you implement it by adding a tab index member to your existing node class (or adding it to the data referenced by JGoNode UserObject). Then handle the key pressed event by adding a key listener (see the keyPressed method in for an example). If the key is VK_TAB, check the current primary selection in the JGoSelection object (JGoView.getSelection). If the current primary selection is your JGoNode class, check the tab index member value. You can then iterate through all the top level JGoObjects in your JGoDocument looking for the node with the next higher index value and make that the current selection (see JGoDocument getFirstObjectPos and getNextObjectPos).

You can also override JGoObject.gainedSelection and JGoObject.lostSelection to change the appearance of the currently selected node.

Thanks smith.

I am able to select Node. But, I need to do screen read while Node selection with Node description. Blind users can listen Node description/text.
Please can you help on this.

Ah, so you’re interested in doing a text to speech operation on the text associated with a node? This isn’t part of JGo and in fact I don’t believe it’s part of the JDK, but I there is a Java Speech API (JSAPI) that you may want to look at: