How to show DataInspector in Angular Material

Can I show DataInspector in Angular Material
when we have clicked the node that node property will displayed in Angular material popup
Please Advice me.

Yes, I believe you can. What problem did you run into?

This is My Graph when i right click on Node we should show the property box like delete and edit then click on the edit we show the angular material dialog box.

("ContextMenuButton", (go.TextBlock, “Edit”, { font: “bold 16px sans-serif”,textAlign:“center”,width:50,height:20,margin: 8, stroke: “royalblue”}),

            { click: function(e, obj){;  } } // Can I show the dialog box here![property_box_graph|690x389](upload://1JdXchZzYJ4nXjNeJ87TXX7v4ZI.png) 


Yes, you can open a dialog in the click event handler. So what is your problem? Please be specific about what you tried and how you need GoJS to do something.

Please see our samples and documentation:

Thank you for your help, I will check this out!!..