How to update Diagram on model property change without Data Inspector

I am creating a diagram in Ext Js using Go Js. The diagram contains a few nodes.
I would like to do sth like this: Here goJs team using div and Inspector. I 'd use the Ext Js modal.

Clicking on the Node populates an Ext Js modal. The modal includes HTML input to update the diagram.model, and ‘OK’ button. After updating the data into the UI, we can update the diagram.model, but it is not updating the diagram on modal property change.

                    xtype: 'button',
                    text: 'OK',
                    handler: function () {
                        var tree = Ext.getCmp("tree-grid-script"),
                            key =,
                            node = tree.workflowDiagram.model.findNodeDataForKey(key);

                        var text = editWindow.find('name', 'editor')[0].getValue();

                        tree.workflowDiagram.model.setDataProperty(node, "text", text);

. Try both set and setDataProperty. Thanks in advance!

Sorry! please pass it, just solved this issue. This link -, helps me to get all the nodes and update the corresponding. Thanks!