Hybrid of GoLayoutTree and GoLayoutLayeredDigraph?

I decided the best layout for my application was to use the GoLayoutTree class, with the Alignment = Start and Arrangement = Horizontal. I’m a customized version of the CollapsingRecordNode classes.

In general I'm dealing with only a single tree. However there are series of nodes that form a "feeder root," if you will, to connects to a node within the main tree. The GoLayoutTree places these as separate trees within the "forest." This makes it hard to trace back to the feeder root because the diagram is fairly large.
I prefer the way the GoLayoutLayeredDigraph handles these. It puts them within the main tree. I'm not using the GoLayoutLayeredDigraph because it doesn't have an equivalent of Alignment = Start and tends to place successive nodes at a lower level, thus producing a slight diagonal slope to the overall diagram. I also want to maintain clearer separation of the major branches. Is there a way I can sub-class either of these and create a hybrid of the two layouts?

I’m not sure what you mean, but perhaps you could create an artificial linkage between those special nodes and their corresponding subtrees. You can do that by constructing the GoLayoutTreeNetwork from your document and then adding GoLayoutTreeLinks.

You can also override GoLayoutTree.AssignTreeNodeValues to change any of the tree layout properties you like for those subtrees.