I want to get what changed and which node was changed

i m in need of what changed and where according to my understanding of the documentation model.changed i shod get the property name in the following code but it gives me just committed transaction
i m changing the primary key from property panel

There are different kinds of ChangedEvents. When ChangedEvent.isTransactionFinished is true, then you know that the ChangedEvent.change is of type go.ChangedEvent.Transaction.

For Transaction ChangedEvents, the ChangedEvent.propertyName names the stage or state of the transaction. It’s not really a “property name”.

In fact the documentation shows exactly what three string values the ChangedEvent.propertyName may be.

So if you want to find out what changed, you’ll need to look at the Transaction which is the ChangedEvent.subject.

The Transaction.changes list provides all of the ChangedEvents that were recorded by the UndoManager for that transaction.