Image load error when restore a view form document

When i test the Demo1.jar,i drag a SimpleNode(composite with a image and two port) and a Rectangle(red) to the view.I call the “Save SVG” menu and get a output.svg.Use Opera or FireFox to open the output.svg,the red Rectangle restore ok but the SimpleNode’s image can’t be loaded.

I check the svg file and get some code like this:

<jgoxml:JGoClass class=“com.nwoods.jgo.JGoImage” imageurl=“jar:file:/E:/JGo%e5%95%86%e4%b8%9a%e6%ba%90%e7%a0%81%e7%89%88/Demo1.jar!/com/nwoods/jgo/examples/demo1SWT/doc.gif”/>

<jgoxml:JGoClass class=“com.nwoods.jgo.JGoObject” id=“jgoid5” obj_flags=“4195354” objheight=“50” objwidth=“50” objx=“49” objy=“105” user_flags=“0”/>

I think that the largest question is the image url?In SVG image save as absolute path.

Then,Any good methods to catch the problem?