Image type performance


We are displaying graph with a large amount of nodes. I'd like to know if the type of icon has an impact on the performance of the display. we need to choose between *.ico *.bmp *.jpeg or using a font

If you are using GoImage, then it probably doesn’t matter what type of image format was used originally – because everything is represented using a System.Drawing.Image.

I don't understand your question about using a font.
It probably matters more if there is a lot of memory being used by the images. Particularly if the images are large, but they are being drawn as small objects, there might be some optimizations you could implement by having the same source images stored at a good size.
You can change the performance and the quality of how a GoView paints by setting various GoView properties, such as InterpolationMode and CompositingQuality and SmoothingMode. (Not all such properties affect the rendering of images.)