Images aren´t shown if URL changes


We have a JGo editor embedded in a Web page. Suppose we do the following:

  1. Create a new diagram using the editor. Suppose the URL of the web page is
  2. We change the URL to, or we change it to http://www.editor:8080.
  3. If we try to open the diagram, we cannot see the images. It seems that Jgo wfl files store the original URL.
    How can we avoid this problem?
    Thank you in advance.


Are you talking about the URL that a JGoImage knows about? You’ll need to call JGoImage.loadImage(URL, boolean) in order to change the URL that the JGoImage gets its image from. If the URL you specified originally was an absolute URL, it would make sense that any persisted form of JGoImage would also have an absolute URL.