Implement HourGlass


Can we implement hourglass curson icon, when we collapse a node or when we do somthing by double click on Node. I have implemented double click event in GoView. But, I am unable to register any javascript in this code behind method.

You’d have to edit GoWeb.js to do this, I think.

if (img && img.goNoPost) { = ‘wait’; // add this line.

goReload(img, args);

and add a goOnLoad function to your page to set it back.

// after the GoView has loaded new img, update the cursor.

function goOnLoad(id, reload) {

var img = goFindImg(id); = ‘auto’;


A quick test shows this works pretty well, but you’ll have to be careful in the future if you pick up a new GoWeb.js in a new release. (I already know there will be a new one in 4.2)