Implement search functionality in Org Chart

We want to implement a search functionality within the org chart. We are looking at 2 features for this -

  1. The org chart will shift to display the searched item in the center and highlighting the same.
  2. In case of multiple matches the result items need to be highlighted like a color change, etc.
    How do we achieve this? Could you help with the properties or events required for the same?
  1. Call either Diagram.Panel.MakeVisible or Diagram.Panel.CenterPart.

  2. For highlighting, you can do anything that Silverlight or WPF lets you do. The simplest is to just add a Border to your node DataTemplate, and data-bind its brush to some property on your node data, using a converter to convert the property value to a Brush.

Many of the sample applications demonstrate variations on this technique.