Improve or preload rendering time

Hi Walter, here is the situation. I have a diagram which contains 38 links and 77 nodes and it take around 1.2seconds to render it.

Is there any way to improve the time of rendering or if not, to preload in background or something like that.

Because just to give you an idea, in my app, there is a TabControl and the diagram is in one of those TabItem. When I click on a TabItem, it reacts automatically but when I click on the TabItem which contains the Diagram, the screen freezed during 1.2s, it’s really embarassing.

Please take a look at the Performance section in the GoXamIntro document for suggestions to improve performance.

Normally the controls inside a tab are not created until the tab is selected. That would include the Diagram in your case. So if you want to preload that tab, it might be possible to arrange, but it would have to be done by your code explicitly, and the user might be delayed then instead.