In Place Editing

Hello Walter,
I want to have in-place-editor for my links but instead of display TextBox and let the user type in display a ComboBox and select from a list.
I’ve set the TextEditAdornmentTemplate attached property on the Link’s DataTemplate TextBlock visual element which show the ComboBox as needed but then I run into problem actually update the data after the user select a value.

The problem is that I have to inherit from TextEditingTool and override the DoAcceptText method. I understand that this is the way TextEditingTool is design - the problem is that TextEditingTool delegate some of it work to TextEditor attached property but not all of it.
Only IsValidText and getting the text are actually delegate to it, not the part of actually saving the new text. Also the TextEditor is very specific to text (I can see the word Text in it but it can still be much more generic then just text).

If TextEditingTool actually delegate all the work of TextEditor property and not assume text only senario it will be much easier to have in-place-edit not just for text.

In the end I have implement my own TextEditingTool but it was much harder then it has to be, on my opinion.

Thank you,

OK, we can look into this for future a release.