In TreeMapper sample, links not connected to the nodes

In the TreeMap sample: GoJS Tree Mapper, links are not connected to the nodes, but to the group. Is there any way to correct this?

I try to replace the following code “var b = (group !== null) ? group.actualBounds : node.actualBounds;” with “var b = node.actualBounds;”, then i get the right result. So what does that code means? Could i just simply replace it like that?


Actually, they do connect with the nodes. What I think you want is how that sample used to be: GoJS Tree Mapper. But some customers thought it would look better the way it is now. So we changed the sample a bit, by adding a MappingLink class to that sample.

So you can get what you want by deleting that MappingLink class from your code. Replace the use of that class in the link template by referring to the go.Link class instead.

That’s exactly what I want! Thanks a lot! @walter