Infonodes in Demo1 of 2.3

Here’s a screen shot of some of the new example node classes in Demo1 of version 2.3. I believe these classes are all named with “InfoNode” as a prefix.

What’s about TreeInfoNode?
I need a TreeInfoNode to show graph.
Tell me the solution.

Do you mean where you display a TreeView inside a node using a GoControl? See
Or do you mean where the tree inside a node is constructed out of GoObjects rather than using a Windows.Forms.Control? That shouldn’t be too hard to define if you are familiar with defining custom nodes. It also would solve the problems that come with using a TreeView Control: handling ports, printing, scaling et al.

Thank you, Walter.
I’ve seen that topic. I need a control like him. But I can’t draw any link from a tree to other tree. And I want to have two ports for each item.