Input fields in a Node


Is it possible to display input fields in GoDiagram Node for Winforms? I’m looking to show check-box, combo and text fields. Please advise.


Are you looking for those controls to be visible all the time, or only for one node when the node is selected?

Either is possible, but the latter is easily implemented, as shown in the NodeLinkDemo.

Hi Walter,

Thank you for the pointer. I’m going to hold this option as the feature may have to be implemented in a different way. I’ll post if I need more help.


Hi Walter,

I played with NodeLinkDemo and was able to add checkbox to InforNode4. Looks like it will work but I’m looking to make the checkbox visible at all times. Please advise or give pointers on how to do that. Thank you so much.

Hi Walter,

I was able to make some modifications to RectangleWithCheckBoxEditor and CheckBoxControl to make it visible all time. I got partial success. Do you have any sample code that I can refer to in order to do things properly. I found the following post but all the code links are dead. Please advise:


Sorry, I’ve been distracted a couple of days working on other things, and I’m out of the office today.

I have an idea on a better way to do this that I know works with scroll bars, but I haven’t tried checkboxes. Give me until Monday and I’ll send you some code.