Integration of GoJS, Goxam or goDiagram with Java application

Hi, currently we have an enterprise Swing application built using JAVA and JGo.
We want to explore GoXam, GoJs or GoDiagram anything which can provide us easy and better implementation and support for our Java application.

Basically, we want to migrate JGo to better available option either of 3.

Request you to kindly suggest which option is more versatile and scalable for a Swing application and we can integrate with the same.

Thanks in advance.

So you are asking about using new diagramming technology in your Swing application, yes? I assume you are not asking about porting your app to the web. Although my answer will give you the flexibility to consider it in the future.

For some years now we have only been doing new development for our GoJS library. That is implemented in JavaScript. So you could replace your JGo component with an embedded browser component that is showing a trivial HTML page that just contains a GoJS Diagram.

Regarding porting your diagram to JavaScript:

The functionality and API style of JGo is similar to GoJS when looking from very far away. So although conceptually you will see many similarities, the details are quite different. Furthermore we have had a lot of experience designing and implementing diagramming APIs for various platforms, so you will find that GoJS is a much more mature design than JGo. It is easier to do much more in GoJS with less programming effort than to do the same thing in JGo.

One major difference is due to a language difference: JavaScript has properties. So the design is more oriented towards exposing and using properties. And it’s not the same as having getX() and setX(…) methods, because data binding is really dependent on properties that are string names without using reflection.

That leads to another big difference: JGo is a document-view architecture whereas GoJS is a model-view architecture. That means using templates and data binding.

So there are no translation tools. Sorry. On the other hand, I think once you are familiar with GoJS you will enjoy the freedom that comes from re-designing and re-implementing your old design and implementation. Another advantage of GoJS is that there are a lot more samples. Almost any kind of node or link that you want is relatively easy to implement either by adapting existing samples or by composing from scratch.

Anyway, I recommend reading Get Started with GoJS and all of the pages of the Introduction that discuss features that you want to implement in your new web app diagram, starting at GoJS Introduction -- Northwoods Software. And if you have any questions, we’re happy to provide suggestions and maybe give you some sample code.