Is Evaluation kit bundled with JGO Layout?


I am trying my hands on JGO. I want a User interface that accesses and handles all JGO components. Does Layout work in that manner that can provide user with window which can draw flowcharts, etc. If so, then Is it bundled with JGO Evaluatio kit?.

I tried calling Layout from my Netbeans projects main method. A pop up comes informing about Evaluation version and once I click ‘OK’. It closes and no layout window appears.

No, Layout is intended to automatically provide x,y positions to all the nodes in the current JGoDocument. It has no user interface.

I'm not sure, but it sounds like you may be looking for an application rather than a component. JGo is a Java component. It is intended for use by programmers. Programmers can use JGo to create applications containing interactive diagrams as part of their user interface, but JGo itself is not such an application. There are several sample applications that demonstrate various ways of using JGo, but these are intended only as programming examples, not actual end-user applications.

Thanks ssmith.