Is it possible to cache the diagram model object


Am using Silverlight navigation framework
i have the following navigation structure..
have at the image file. The problem which am facing here is imagin am in Rule Diagram with more number of nodes and i navigating to admin so what am doing here is in the rulediagram unload even am saving the entire IDiagram object to isolated storage in silverlight and am navigating to admin screen and while coming back to Rule Diagram am loading the Diagram object from isolated storage and loading into the screen but this takes long time for more number of nodes(Performance issue).Is there any way i can cache the entire Diagram object and simply place it back.Or do i need to implement virutalization for loading more number of nodes

Virtualization only helps when the control only shows a small fraction of the total number of items.
(That’s true for all controls, not just GoXam Diagram.)
So whether or not that would help your situation depends on how much is normally shown in the Diagram.

Is there a reason you are unloading when switching to the “Admin” screen?
Surely saving makes sense, but I don’t see why you need to unload.

Have you read this forum topic: Performance considerations?