Is it possible to have nested diagrams within a diagram in GoJS?

My requirement is to have multiple panels in a single diagram and these panels behave just like individual diagrams. Like, I can create a tree structure of nodes inside a single panel(or diagram) and I should have the ability to drag and drop nodes across different panels(or diagrams), assuming that the template of nodes in all the panels is the same.

Is there any other way to have a similar functionality I’m trying to achieve?.

Kindly let me know if my question is not clear.

Thank You

Do Groups satisfy your needs? GoJS Groups -- Northwoods Software, GoJS SubGraphs -- Northwoods Software, GoJS Sized Groups -- Northwoods Software

See also samples such as: Regrouping Demo

Note that using Groups means one can have Links that cross group boundaries. But one cannot scroll or zoom the subgraph of a group independently of the rest of the diagram.

It looks good. In this example (Regrouping Demo), is it possible to link nodes with each other inside a single group?

Yes. For example: