Is it possible to show deeper/child nodes on zooming?

We would like to implement something similar to how google maps works. At initial load, the map would only show top level nodes. As the user zooms in, it would show deeper/child nodes.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

How do you want to organize your graph?

If you are using Groups, you could do something like what the Regrouping sample demonstrates: Regrouping Demo. Use the slider to show more or less detail.

If you are not using Groups but just have a tree-structured graph, then you could expand or collapse trees showing more or less levels of the tree, by calling Node.expandTree and Node.collapseTree on the root Node(s).

If you have some other sort of organization to your diagram, please describe it and what you want to happen as you want to show more or less information.

Thanks for the prompt reply. We are using groups and I already tried Grouping but missed the regrouping example. We have links as well, so will try the regrouping example to see how it looks. By slider, do you mean the expand/collapse icon on each each group node?
Our requirement is actually to expand the group when the user zooms in on the map.

I see the slider now from the description. We will try this. Thank you