Is it possible to write code in genogram for a Child has multiple parents in genogram?

Hi Walter,

I have the one requirement in genogram. Please let me know whether it is possible or not.
In the below diagram, c1 and c2 are twins to both parents p1 and p2. Again, c2 is legally adopted to p3 and p4 parents. Is this logic is possible in genogram?

How can I send data for this logic?


I am trying to pass the data for the above logic is given below:

{key: "p1", name: "p1",s:"FM",age:"31",ux:"p2"},
		{key: "p2", name: "p2",s:"F",age:"31"},
		{key: "c1", name: "c1",s:"M",f:"p1",m:"p2",birth:1},
		{key: "c2", name: "c2",s:"M",f:"p1",m:"p2",birth:1},
		{key: "p3", name: "p3",s:"FM",age:"31",ux:"p4"},
		{key: "p4", name: "p4",s:"M",age:"31"},
		{key: "c2", name: "c3",s:"M",m:"p3",f:"p4",la:"p1",birth:4},

for the above data I am getting output as below:

Is it possible to send multiple parents for a particular child key?


The Genogram sample was designed for the assumption that each person gets genetic material from exactly two sources – a mother and a father.

But you can certainly draw additional relationships between people that are not genetic. I suggest that you set or bind Part.isLayoutPositioned to false on such Links, so that they are ignored by the GenogramLayout.