Is MultiSelect via Mouse Click a feature available for Radial Layout?

Just curious as to whether multiselect via mouse click is a feature in RadialLayout? I have no animations enabled and my function called nodeClicked() just logs name of the nodes currently. I have tried pressing CTRL with clicks in order to log the names of the clicked nodes but I see only the name of the clicked node. What API should I look into for Multiselect?

When you control-click or shift-click or drag-box-select, the user will select multiple nodes. However that sample does not have the nodes show that they are selected, because the template sets selectionAdorned: false and does not implement any visual changes when Part.isSelected changes.

To prove this, comment out the line:

    myDiagram.nodeTemplate =
      $(go.Node, "Spot",
          locationSpot: go.Spot.Center,
          locationObjectName: "SHAPE",  // Node.location is the center of the Shape
          //selectionAdorned: false,
          click: nodeClicked,
          . . .

and you will see that the user can indeed select more than one node at a time. However you might not see some of the selected nodes because they were made not visible by the sample app.

As a continuation to the Multiselect Query. Is there any API Method which can be logged to check if two or nodes of the layout are multiselected. I understand adornments give a visual understanding. Is there some function like isMultiSelected or some call that collects the node attributes and does some function?

I guess you can use Diagram.selection.count to see see how many items are currently selected. There is a ChangedSelection event if you need to react to user selections.

so I have the function:

 nodeClicked(e: go.InputEvent, node: go.GraphObject) {

      let rootNode = node.findTreeRoot().data.text; // show name of root node
      let leafNode =; // name of leaf node
      // Don't need to count the selections rather
      // get Names of the node..
     // ChangedSelection ? {call an HTTP GET API call}

how should I use the e: go.InputEvent along with ChangedSelection?

Why then did you ask “Is there some function like isMultiSelected”?

Diagram.selection is a Set | GoJS API of Parts, so you can iterate over it or whatever you need.
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