Is there any possibility to connect link from anywhere around node (currently i'm using multiple ports)?

is there any possibility to connect links from anywhere around node (currently i’m using multiple ports)?
some cases i need to connect one node to more than ten nodes with link labels.

Could you please describe what you want with an illustrative screenshot, showing both before and after?

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 11.07.48 AM

in the above image i had multiple ports on the node, i want to drag the link from anywhere from the node instead keeping lot of ports. is it possible?. for example if we imagine node is port we can drag the link from anywhere around the node

Yes, if you just remove all of the port settings (GraphObject.portId, from…, to…, and maybe a few others, or you move those settings up to the Node) then you should get that behavior.

See for example

If you really want to continue having certain links start from particular spots on a node or go to a particular spot on a node, you’ll want to set Link.toSpot and/or Link.fromSpot.