Issue Expand Group

We have an issue with the property IsSubGraphExpanded. In our application, we can create a group to collapse and expand the content. The content can be a set of group, node or link. When we expand the Group all groups inside are expand as well. We would like to expand only the parent group. Is it possible to not expand the inside groups?

Naturally if you collapse a Group any nested Groups will also be collapsed. But in doing so the WasSubGraphExpanded property will be set to remember the state at the time it was collapsed. The default behavior for expanding is to restore the expansion state for nested groups.

So if you really want to be sure that when collapsing a group it will expand without expanding any nested groups, you should collapse those nested groups first.

Or if you want to make the decision at expand-time whether to expand with collapsed or expanded nested groups, you could set WasSubGraphExpanded on nested groups the way you want the expansion to behave.

Thank you Walter