Issue Refresing GoView

Hello ,

We are using the go view control :

<GoWeb:GoView id=“MyView” runat=“Server”








NoPost=“true” />

and our code behind is :

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


MyView.DataRenderer.LabeledNodeDoubleClick = “OpenWin()”;

MyView.ShadowOffset = new SizeF(1, 1);

MyView.PrimarySelectionColor = Color.Transparent;


object obj = DataBinder.GetPropertyValue(this.NamingContainer, “DataItem”);

if (obj != null)


string outputid = “”;

outputid = DataBinder.Eval(obj, “OutputId”).ToString();

string sXML;

sXML = ArmarXmlInterface(outputid);

GoXmlReader xr = new GoXmlReader();


XmlDocument XML = new XmlDocument();


MyView.Document = (GoDocument)xr.Consume(XML);






The issue we are having is when we open the diagram, some time is not drawing the right diagram instead it is drawing the previous one, we added the method MyView.ClearSessionView(); but it is not taken any effect , is there any tip to take in mind ?

Thank in Advance.


Have you confirmed that the Page_Load is being called? When the diagram is simply updated, Page_Load doesn’t get called.

Hello ,

yes , the page_load is being executed when we load the user control, all that code(page and code behind)is inside an user control.

We call that user control from a grid when we do double click in a row.

We are using ASP.NET 2008.

Thank in Advance.


Is there any workaround in order to avoid this issue ?

We tried several ways to solved this error without success, it still does not refresh the go diagram when it should do it .

Thank in Advance

does it paint if you click in it? Do you have Goweb.js in place?

Hello , when i load the godiagramcontrol , it paints , but when i close the windows and reload the godiagram control it still has the previus diagram.

I tried with MyView.ClearSessionView(); to clear the buffer , but it doest work for this case.

Any help will be appreciate.


OK… we’ve talked about this here. We’re REALLY REALLY sure that there is no image caching happening. (we add to a counter each time to make sure of this.) Each time the client (browser) requests the image, we generate from what is in the GoDocument.

So… our guess is that the data on the server is staying the same for some reason. Double check what is getting loaded in Page_load to be sure you are getting what you expect.