Issue with licensed version


We have deployed the licensed version of go.js files, after deploying the files we are facing a issue. On clicking and moving any node on the canvas it is going to the top-left corner of canvas. It was working fine with evaluation version.

Environment details:-
<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> GoJs for Html5 Canvas - v1.1.7
<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> Browser Chrome 10+, IE-9

If required, will provide you the license details.

Honey Bansal
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Are you sure that the only change is the “go.js” library?
If you swap the “go.js” library back to the evaluation one that you downloaded from, and if you don’t make any other changes, which behavior do you get?

Also, when using the licensed library, did the watermark disappear as you would expect?

yes, this is the only change, we have replaced only go.js library and yes watermark disappeared.

I just tried with the latest evaluation version (downloaded from and facing the same issue. I think this issue is with the latest version.

The evaluation version which we were using and with which this issue was not coming is:- v1.1.0

Are there any error messages or warnings? Check the console.

Also try the go-debug.js library.

Event with go-debug.js, i am facing thesame issue. Also there is no error/warning messages on the console.

That’s very odd. Is there any way that we could see your page live, so that we can try to debug it? Send us e-mail rather than posting here, unless you don’t mind such publication.