Issue with Print preview screen


I made some changes in printer's properties settings & save those settings.
But now it doesn't show anything in Printpreview window.But it still prints the visible area on screen.
During debugging, now control never comes to overridden PrintDecoration function.
Please give me any hint to resolve this issue.

What properties did you change?

If you change them back, does it start working again?
If you try another printer, does it print?

I had changed orientation from Portrait to Landscape under Finishing tab.

But again i revert back it to Portrait. But still it doesn't show print preview even with another printer.

Do our unmodified GoDiagram samples work? If they do, it must be something you’ve done in your overrides.

Even i tried with unmodified GoDiagram sample application Demo1, but there is same problem with print preview functionality.Print preview screen appears, but it doesn’t show anything.

Well, we know Demo1 Print Preview works in the typical case, so I’m guessing it’s something about the way you have printers set up on your system.