Issue with tooltiptext visibility

There is an issue with tooltiptext visibility when subsequent tooltiptext window appear as the pointer moves from one control to another.

First tooltiptext area is smaller as:
Then I put mouse on adjacent object, whose tooltiptext is larger than first one. Then it shows incomplete tooltiptext & width of this tooltip is same as the earlier one as:
Then again I put mouse on the same object after some miliseconds, then it shows the complete tooltiptext as:
Please provide me some hint to resolve this issue.

This isn’t a standard Windows tooltip, right? It’s a GoObject you’ve created… ? Did you enhance GoBalloon?

Yes, this is tooltip with GoView.
GoView.ToolTip.IsBalloon = true;
No I haven't used GoBalloon object directly.
I just set ToolTipText property of each object in the beginning.
When there is a mouse pointer on the object at run time, then it displays the associated toltiptext at that time.

oh… how about that? I never knew this existed. (or if I did, I forgot… which seems to be happening more as I grow older.)

ok, I can reproduce this. Seems like it has to be a .NET bug, since it really is their tooltip, but I’ll see if I can find a workaround.

then also reply me with a workaround whenever you find.

ok, this works, but has the downside of requiring you to derive your own GoView (something we try to avoid making people do).

in your GoView class, put this:

public override void DoToolTipObject(GoObject obj) {

if (this.ToolTip == null)


String oldttt = this.ToolTip.GetToolTip(this);

String newttt = null;

while (obj != null) {

newttt = obj.GetToolTip(this);

if (newttt != null) break;

obj = obj.Parent;


if (newttt == null)

newttt = this.ToolTipText;

if (newttt == null)

newttt = “”;

if (newttt != oldttt) {

if (this.ToolTip.IsBalloon) this.ToolTip.RemoveAll(); // THIS IS THE FIX HERE

this.ToolTip.SetToolTip(this, newttt);



I was able to verify this problem happens over other controls (I set up a Button with a different tooltip on the left and right sides, changing it in MouseMove… and got the same mis-sized problem).

This has only been tested on Vista with .NET 3.5.

Well, the bug still exists in .NET 4.

But… the workaround above works on .NET 4 and Windows 7 as well.

Thanks a lot for your support.
It works perfectly.