It's a bug of GoXam?

I use the DragZoomTool in my Diagram.

but the mouse position is error,look at the pic following:

What version of the DLL are you using?
If you are using version 1.1, have you tried the latest DLL with bug fixes?
latest DLLs

Seeing your other posts, I assume you are using the beta 1.2.1.x. (For Silverlight 3 or for Silverlight 4?)

Could you describe the visual tree that the Diagram is in?

the diagram in a grid.

it is run fine when i use the SelectTool,but when i use DragZoomTool it is wrong.. i think they are the same method to caculator the rectangle,but result are different.

First, I’ll assume you are using a DragZoomingTool that you have assigned to the Diagram.DragZoomingTool property.

OK, I think the problem is that you don’t realize that the zoom rectangle that is being drawn has to be constrained to have the same aspect ratio as the Diagram (actually DiagramPanel) being zoomed.

The zoom rectangle is just showing what part of the diagram will be visible.