Javascript Issue -

Hello ,

Im new developing with godiragram , and i trying to use javascript when i click a node.

I made an user control defining the GoView control and

defined the following java script on the page :

function OpenWin(n)



return true;


Inside the code behind i wrote on the page load :

this.MyView.ObjectDoubleClicked += new GoObjectEventHandler(this.MyView_ObjectDoubleClicked);

I defined another function with the event

private void MyView_ObjectDoubleClicked(object sender, GoObjectEventArgs e)


GoObject obj = e.GoObject;

//Toma el objeto de nivel superior

//Si es un GoBasicNode

GoBasicNode n = obj.TopLevelObject as GoBasicNode;

if (n != null)


MyView.DataRenderer.LabeledNodeDoubleClick = “OpenWin(’” + n.Label.Text + “’)”;



The issue is when i click on the node im not getting the actual node instead im getting the before one.

I need this to open a new windows from javascript using the actual id node to call another method.

Thanks in Advance

You’re doing more than you need to… just initialize like this in Page_Load:

MyView.DataRenderer.LabeledNodeDoubleClick = “AlertLabel()”;

and add this javascript:

function AlertLabel() {



Thanks for the quick response , it helps , but i need to show on the node a Label and open another window with

the id of that node or other information.

Thanks in Advance.

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Look through the samples that enable editing of node info… DataSetDemo is a good one to look at.

Hello ,

I have seen that example and there are using and hast table to build the diagram , in our case we are using and XML and the following code create it

public void RegisterTransformers(GoXmlReaderWriterBase rw)


GoDocument doc = new GoDocument();

GoXmlBindingTransformer bt = new GoXmlBindingTransformer(“graph”, doc);


GoBasicNode bn = new GoBasicNode(GoFigure.Terminator);

GoXmlBindingTransformer bt1 = new GoXmlBindingTransformer(“node”, bn);

bt1.HandlesNamedPorts = true;

bt1.AddBinding(“label”, “Text”);

bt1.AddBinding(“Port”, “Port”);

bt1.AddBinding(“tt”, “ToolTipText”);

bt1.AddBinding(“color”, “Shape.BrushColor”);

bt1.AddBinding(“gradient”, “Shape.BrushForeColor”);


GoLabeledLink ll = new GoLabeledLink();

bn.Movable = false;

ll.ToArrow = true;

ll.BrushColor = Color.White;

ll.AvoidsNodes = true;

GoXmlBindingTransformer bt2 = new GoXmlBindingTransformer(“link”, ll);

bt2.AddBinding(“from”, “FromPort”);

bt2.AddBinding(“to”, “ToPort”);

bt2.AddBinding(“visible”, “Visible”);



On the page load we have the following code :

object obj = DataBinder.GetPropertyValue(this.NamingContainer, “DataItem”);

if (obj != null)


string outputid = “”;

outputid = DataBinder.Eval(obj, “OutputId”).ToString();

//Se arma el Xml para bindear con el godiagram

string sXML;

sXML = ArmarXmlInterface(outputid);//this function build an formated XML.

GoXmlReader xr = new GoXmlReader();


XmlDocument XML = new XmlDocument();


MyView.Document = (GoDocument)xr.Consume(XML);



Thank in Advance

Kind Regards

Look at how DataSetDemo overrides GetPartInfo in PersonNode and how the aspx & script use that info.