JGoLink Default 4 Points

I have noticed in 1 of the demos that the JGoLink default to 4 point in the segment of a JGoLink. I have tried to reproduce this and have been unsuccessful. Here is my constructor.
public TestLink(JGoPort from, JGoPort to) {
super(from, to);
I still only see 2 segments, I want the TestLink to default to 4 so that I can see the Bezier curve. any ideas?

Although you may want to subclass JGoLink for other reasons, you don’t need to do so for making it curved (Bezier/cubic). Just call JGoLink.setCubic(true).
The two or four points in non-cubic links are determined by the ports that the link connects to. If the FromPort has a FromSpot that == JGoObject.NoSpot, and if the ToPort has a ToSpot that == NoSpot, then the link will just have two points (i.e. one straight segment) going between closest intersection points.
If both ports have spots (that are not NoSpot), then there will be four points (i.e. three straight segments) because there will be a short end segment at each end of the link.
If the link isOrthogonal(), there will be six points (i.e. five straight segments).

public TestLink(JGoPort from, JGoPort to) {
super(from, to);
I still am unable to see more then 2 green segments on the FlowLink, am I doing something wrong, or am I having problem understanding.

No, not JGoObject.Center, but JGoObject.NoSpot. But you wouldn’t normally expect to set this in a JGoLink constructor – it should be done when creating/initializing the node and its port(s).
BTW, a value of Center would always terminate the link at the center of the port.

I have a Node that has 3 ports on it. one Input and 2 Outputs, I have model it after the flower demo. Input node is setToSpot(LeftCenter); and one of the output is setFromSpot(RightCenter); and the other one is setFromSpot(BottomCenter); I would like to get a JGoLink that is the same like the BasicApp but with the IconNode that are used in Flower demo.

You should get gently curved lines just by setting JGoLink.setCubic(true).
But the user can’t adjust the curve. Is that what you are trying to do? If so, set the output ports’ setFromSpot(JGoObject.NoSpot) and the input port’s setToSpot(JGoObject.NoSpot).
Then the user will see four resize handles: the end two for relinking and the inner two for reshaping the link/curve. You can also JGoLink.setCurviness or setPoint methods to change the curve programmatically.

Thanks, that worked great, sorry I had problems understanding, I thougt you meant when they were anything but nospot they would show the handle’s. Now I am having an issue when I move a node connected to the link, the link reset and doesn’t keep the curve I set.

Try JGoLink.setAdjustingStyle(JGoLink.AdjustingStyleStretch), or maybe AdjustingStyleScale.