Hi All,

I have a subclass of JInternalFrame showing an extension of JGoView.
The associated JGoDocument has, amongst other things, a class called
AttnButton that extends JGoControl. Basically AttnButton wraps a
JButton and the wrapped JButton fires out JGoViewEvent.CLICKED
when pressed. This all works fine, the button is rendered how I want
and events are fired out.

I then decided to add a JGoOverview so I added the following to the extension of JInternalFrame

overView = new JGoOverview();
overView.setObserved( view );

adding these two lines now stops the AttnButton from working. The wrapped JButton isn’t rendered and no events are fired out.

I am aware of there being issues with <span =“highlight”>JGoOverview.removeNotify()
being called when focus changes between different JInternalFrames, could this be related?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?