JGoPort.validLink() called for all ports?


When a link is selected to be relinked the JGoPort.validLink(to) is used in order to validate whether the relinking is valid or not. Correct? I assumed this method will be invoked on a to port when the link is dragged within its port gravity range. But instead it seems that the moment a link is selected for relinking the JGoPort.validLink(to) method is invoked for all port combinations. Is this behaviour correct or am I doing something wrong to cause this?
I'm using JGo4.1

When either linking or relinking, JGoPort.validLink(to) is called once for every every other JGoPort in the JGoDocument. The resulting information is cached so it can be quickly accessed via the isValidLink() method while the mouse is moving over the view and getting within port gravity range of other ports.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.