JGoPrintPreview Memory usage

I have a diagram that takes about 20 pages, which is our typical diagram size.
i open print preview window and zoom the diagram to 200%.
in this case, print preview window ocupies about 230MB.
i tried this on the examples code.
is there a solution to this memory usage?

We have improved PrintPreview for version 5.2. You can try the beta evaluation kit:
http://www.nwoods.com/go/kits/JGo520Eval.exe or .zip
Or if you are a customer with support, send us email for a non-eval kit.
I just tried this with Demo1 and didn’t have any huge use of memory.
I had drag-copied all of the objects in the Demo1 window several times, thereby greatly expanding the extent of the document. At 100% print preview showed 54 pages; at 200% it showed over 200 pages. Performance was fine, both in CPU time and in memory usage.

Hi walter,
i wrote email to your support but got no reply.

Sorry about that – we’re having some mail server problems.