JGoText inline editing undo problem


I’ve been having problems with undo/redo functionality of editable JGoText. It seems that the problem is in the example programs as well.

1. Run Flower.jar

2. Drop one activity node on canvas

3. Doubleclick label to edit it

4. Chose “Undo Edit text” in menu

5. Observe the effects :)

Or, other variation:

3. Doubleclick node to get dialog

4. Edit text

5. Chose “Undo Drop” in menu once or twice

Same thing happens in Demo1.jar, and in my app.

Basically, it seems that undo in JGoText is broken. Is there a fix or am I doing something wrong?

I think that was fixed for JGo version 5.15.
Did you recently (a week ago) get mail from us about this latest version?

I’ve been using 5.14. Thanks, it works in 5.15.