JGoTextNode text length

I have a JGoTextNode. I want to limit the max length of the
text of the node to 15 characters. Anything longer than that will be
… and I want to show the whole text in a tooltip. How is this

When setting the text string, see if it’s more than 15 characters.
If so, call JGoTextNode.setToolTipText to the whole string, and set the Label’s text to be the first 12 characters appended with “…”.
If not, just set the Label’s text and setToolTipText(null) so that there’s no tooltip shown for that JGoNode.

How do I access ToolTipManager? The tooltip on the JGoTextNodedisappears too soon.

You can override JGoView.createToolTip if you want to customize the JToolTip when it is created.