Jre 1.4.2


We’re currently running with JRE1.3.1 but are looking to move to 1.4.2.
I recall that there were performance issues with JRE 1.4.0 and that 1.4.1 was supposed to fix the problem.
One of my team has just performed a test with 1.4.2 and they seem to be encountering a performance problem. We have a JGOView with the classic Overview/‘Birds Eye View’ - this seems to stick for a second of more whilst being dragged around.
Any comment? Do you have details of known problems with 1.4.2?


We don’t know of any such new problems with 1.4.2. We have been using it for a while and everything seems about the same as with 1.4.1.


I spoke with the guy who tested this and it appears that they were incorrectly pointing at JRE1.4.0.